Traveller Puzzles Question


This forum is littered with ſimilar iſſues, but I did not have ſucceſs with the ſolutions. My ſite yeſterday was very ſlow, taking well over a minute to load, but the ſluggiſhneſs only laſted half an hour and as it is not a commercial ſite in any way, ſhape, or form, I was willing to forgive the delay. But then today it is ſlow again, and in fact I’m getting the 504 error (Gateway Time-out). Cloudflare has helpfully informed me that the problem is with the ſite/ſerver, which I’d already figured out baſed on the fact that other webſites loaded juſt fine. Alſo, on moſt of the pages I don’t have anything big from a file ſize point of view, and even when ſending data to the ſerver I keep getting 504.

UPDATE: It juſt ſtarted working again and everything was great…for about 45 ſeconds. It’s now down again. Juſt to be clear I made no changes of any ſort in the time between my original poſt and this update.


What URL does this relate to?