Trouble running website builder

Please help,

I have been unable to run the website builder for a few days, so I cannot update the information published on my website:

The above page is connected to the domain where players (and their parents) of my club can find important information related to training.

After logging in to the main dashboard of my account, I click the “Website builder” icon, which opens a new browser window, in which the page builder should open, which, however, does not happen - instead of the wizard, I see the following information:

"Great! Loading Easy Website Builder for you …
No code knowledge is required, our magical elves will do all the job! "

But website builder unfortunately won’t start :frowning:

I would like to add that I tried to run website builder using several web browsers: Chrome, FireFox, Edge, InternetExplorer - the situation is the same everywhere, i.e. website builder does not start.

Attach a screenshot of the message I see instead of website builder.

Please help me fix the problem so that I can update the information on my swimming club website.trouble running website builder

Seriously ?, and this why ?, or since when ?, with what other constructor, simple as the one we were replacing it

The old Zyro website builder was deprecated about two months ago with the launch of a new website builder at We unfortunately don’t have any control over it, although we’d love for users to be able to use the old version again. You can, however, check the following post for information on how to edit your site further: