Trouble with an "index .php", blank page appear and 0 code in "view source" navigator function


i have a little website and i have a galleries section
nothing appear when i try to reach the gallerie

i have white blank page when i check the source of page: view-source
i see no code!
but on the ftp i check the file, and he’s ok

why this error?


php_value display_errors 1
Place the above code in .htaccess file


hi thx for quick reply
i do it and i obtain this error message about my index.php
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘De’ (T_STRING) in /storage/ssd4/455/1458455/public_html/galleries/dwl-wortel/index.php on line 199

i go to check the code and i come back

lol, i find my code error (its so idiot i put some excedent " " in the files description)

-you can close this topic (thx)