Troubles with changing PHP Version


Hello everybody,
i wanted to install a online shop which needs php 5.5 instead of php 7.0.
so i changed in the settings the php version to 5.5 but unfortunately in the phpadmin i
still see the php version is 7.0.
what can i do that php version will be properly changed to the correct version?


Hi @rod071969

You can change it as following

  • Log into cPanel (
  • Select Your website
  • Go to settings
  • Select General
  • Find php version by scrolling
  • Click change php version and set it as you need.


yes thats what i did.
then i went into phpmyadmin to check and there …

Web server:
Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS) OpenSSL/1.0.1e-fips
Database client version: libmysql - mysqlnd 5.0.12-dev - 20150407 - $Id: 241ae00989d1995ffcbbf63d579943635faf9972 $
PHP extension: mysqliDocumentation curlDocumentation mbstringDocumentation
PHP version: 7.0.8

do i need to restart something else? or does it take some hours to reflect the settings in the web server?


Create test.php in public_html directory and add following code

    echo phpversion(); 

Then run it with your browser (


ok done!!! it does the job! :slight_smile:
thank you! then my problem is somewhere else! :sweat_smile:


Do you have any other problem?


No actually, that was it! Don’t know why, but now it suddenly works with php 5.5!

Thanks a lot!!!


We are glad it is fixed.

If you have further problem don’t be hesitated to open new topic. :wink: