[TURORIAL] FTP/File Manager fixes


Hey again, dear community!
Some of you are recently experiencing some FTP issues.
That’s no big deal! We’ll offer in this article some fixes that should most likely fix the FTP problems.

  1. cPanel built in functions


      • The fixes
      1. Turning FTP off, then on
      • Go to Settings, then General, then toggle the FTP slider to off, then on.

      • Check if FTP is working again
    • 2.Let the system repair your website
      • Go to Settings, then General, scroll down then hit the Repair button.

      • Check if FTP is working again
  1. FTP client fixes
    • Use the Plain FTP option when authenticating
      • Hit the multiple desktops icon

      • From the dropdown, select Only use plain FTP

  1. VPNs

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nice tutorial on FTP/File Manager fixes