Unable to access domain mail or website


As of yesterday, sending and receiving mail via my Google Apps accounts associated with my domain pwksoftware.com has stopped working. I cannot access my website and am worried that something has expired.

As I cannot accesss my email I am unable to reset the password for the account associated with my hosting. How do I check if there is a problem with my domain registration and/or regain access to the control panel?


@Jon2 I see “Name Resolution” error, when i visit your domain.
Make sure you’ve 000webhost nameservers updated in your domain dns, also make sure that your domain is parked correctly.


Thanks for that. I think the problem is with my DNS, I have sent emails to try to gain access and I will check once I have it sorted.

Thanks again,



I found out that since May there were some changes made to control panel. Could this be a cause of not working gmail associated to the domain?
Mail sopped working 3 days ago on 4th of December. Is there new dns?


I have checked and the nameservers are correctly pointed at 000webhost, nothing has changed for the last 5 years. Everything on the domain side is as it should be, they are telling me to check with 000webhost as the DNS is redirecting correctly.

How do I gain access to my control panel without being able to access my email?