Unable to access pages under my site


I have created my webapp BOOKMATE, but i am not able to access pages under my site .
for example www.bookmate.tk/prof.php , it is being redirected to index.html
can you please render some help.


You are just forwarding URL from Freenom no?


btw i am using CNAME to point my site


Not sure open public_html and delete .htaccess file.


Is there a way to take my website offline for maintenance ?


er I guess you could upload a index.html page saying under construction?


Isn’t there any kind of this ?



If you run Joomla sure?


Thanks for the help :grin::v:


How can I access this ?


Upload your database via browse and upload it from your PC


I have an SQL file slightly larger than 5MB so , i want to upload it.
Any alternative ?




I changed my NAMESERVERS, and that’s it, the site has gone down.
It’s been over 5hrs I’ve changed them


@rakhi2104 You can’t use 000webhost nameservers and cloudflare name servers at once.

Use 000webhost nameservers…then set up every thing…and then switch to cloudflare(switch to cloudflare means just use cloudflare nameservers.)


Where should I use these Cloudflare nameservers ?


Backup your website content, then unlink your parked domain. Go to your domain management page with your registrar and change the name servers back to default (contact your registrar is you don’t know what they are). Then, set a CNAME record for [yoursite].000webhost.com for @ (or leave it blank, depends on your registrar). Next, on your 000webhost site control panel, add the domain via point (CNAME) when the record is propagated.

Then, on your domain management page with your registrar, change the name servers to the Cloudflare name servers provided when you follow my tutorial above (not the ones in the screenshot, but on your actual Cloudflare page). Then follow the tutorial.


@rakhi2104 I hope you understood.
If not feel free to ask!!!