Unable to backup website


Hello here, good day.
Please help with my website. It always bring an error message whenever I want to back it up with the backup.php file created by 000webhost


@CleverBoi Use this to backup your website.

And to backup your database…open phpmyadmin and export as .sql .


If the script doesn’t work then download your website’s public_html manually.

The script won’t always work because usually it means your site is TOO BIG to backup using the script which violates the FREE HOSTING account limits.


I uploaded the files (unzipped.phone), but can’t access mysite.com/unzipper.php.

It brings a migration page whenever I access. Please help


Yes, the directory is too large, and I tried backing up subdirectory by subdirectory, all to no avail. Now, the file is too large to be downloaded manually. Any help please??


@CleverBoi Try to download directory by directory…or subdirectory by subdirectory.

It’s gonna take time.


Does this mean I can’t use the unzipper anymore?? Just left with downloading option only???


@CleverBoi Unzipper can’t backup bigger files.

The only possible way is to use FTP client like filezilla and download all one by one.


Alright, thanks for your time.