Unable to connect domain or install wordpress

Hello, complete newbie here and I’m having a bit of a difficult time!

So first issue is my domain. My own domain appears to be successfully ‘parked’ according to the My Domains section on 000webhost.

domain parked I guess

But I don’t think they’re properly linked. When I change the appearance of my website on wordpress (which I’m also not sure I’m doing properly - more on that later lol), only the .000webhost.com address shows the changes. My own domain address that I’ve supposedly parked has not at any point changed from the wordpress default at all. So, have I not linked it properly? Should I try pointing my domain instead of parking (what is the difference anyway)?

Second problem: WordPress. Several times I’ve selected ‘Install Wordpress’ from the Dashboard on 000webhost. It goes through creating an admin name and password. I’ve selected the URL to use. I’ve tried it with both my own domain address and the .000webhost.com address. Which one am I meant to use, by the way? After that, WordPress apparently installs and then opens up in a new tab on google chrome. This had me really confused, as I had always assumed that WordPress was an desktop application that is installed onto the computer, not something that is accessed just on an internet browser. Is right? Do I only need to use WordPress online or has it not been installed on my computer properly?

That’s a lot of questions, a lot of which I’m sure have been answered here hundreds of times. But I’m really uncertain with the whole thing at the moment so I thank you for your patience. Any advice at all would be wonderful! :grinning:

WordPress can only be accessed via the browser yes.

You can install it once using either URL.

After parking your domain and installing WordPress (in any order)

Update the script to use your custom domain http://example.com

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thank you so much - I think this has fixed it!

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