Unable to connect my domain hackrum.com to my site https://knightly-sole.000webhostapp


i was unable to connect my domain hackrum.com to my site

it says that the domain name was black listed


What is your website about?
Is this your website?


forum for ethical hacking


yes ,forum on ethicalhacking


I see your domain is linked with your 000webhost website
Please Fully refresh your page (Shift+F5), clear cache and cookies and flush your DNS :wink: , also have a look at those two tutorials



actually hackrum.com is pointing to my site

But why i get this error


Yes, the system detected the word “hack” that is blacklisted, but
http://knightly-sole.000webhostapp.com/ and http://hackrum.com do lead to the same website


ok,no problem with that na


So is your problem solved? If you have any other question, please do post back :slight_smile:


ok thank you:slight_smile:


That’s nice to hear :wink: