Unable to connect using my facebook profile


I’m trying to login my account which is linked with my facebook profile, but i keep getting this error, if I try more than two times I get error " 429 Too Many Requests"



I tried once more and got the following message from Facebook:

“Blocked URL: The redirect failed because the URL used isn’t in the white list in the OAuth settings of the application client. Verify if the the OAuth login of the client and of the Web is enabled and add all the domains of your application as valid URLs of OAuth redirect” - Translated from portuguese, the original message is down below.

“URL bloqueada: O redirecionamento falhou porque o URl usado não está na lista de liberação nas configurações de OAuth do cliente do aplicativo. Verifique se o login de OAuth do cliente e da Web está ativado e adicione todos os domínios do seu aplicativo como URls válidos de redirecionamento de OAuth.”


Can you try now?

If it still doesn’t work please reply & I’ll get a developer on the case.


Tried again right now, the issue remain.


Good day @RenanKlehm!

Please screenshot the issue if you can :slight_smile:


I tried all day long but I only get the error that I posted before, the facebook page didn’t even open.

I made a new account but my domain is linked with the other one, is possible to detach the domain of this account?


Profile was successfully unlinked from Social Login. Password reset link was sent to your email hotmail.com*


Working perfectly, thank you for the support.