Unable to create new websites


Hi i am trying to create a website but it is giving error An internal error occurred. Our developers have already been notified.


Can you try choosing another name and report back?


tried with many options but still getting same error


Thanks for trying, I’ve opened a ticket with a developer incase they’ve not got the message the panel sent.


Thank you. How long it will take to resolve the issue


I’m unsure no reply from them yet.


Thank you for your time


I have created a new account and started getting this error ?? is there any solution it’s urgent please anybody ?


Developers are working on the issue currently.


I can not create your site, this error always crawls out. What to do?


This error is only this morning it has occured and developers are working to resolve it.


Welcome everyone

There is a problem in creating a site when you start this message :
An internal error occurred. Our developers have already been notified.


Yep still working on it thanks for reading the pinned notice about not creating new topics @sirkapo22


I want to create a new website but I get random errors from the New Website dialog (e.g.: Internal error, this name is already taken).


As above


Will this problem take time?..


As long as it takes sorry.


Was just about to create a new topic about this issue then I saw this topic :stuck_out_tongue:
Glad you’re working on it, good luck.


Still working on it…


image I can’t create a new website because of this error. I hope you can fix this problem immediately. thank you so much