Unable to link domain to 000webhost account


i have had a free 000webhost account for a while and now I’m waiting to add a domain to it, have brought a domain thought hostinger as it was a link in my 000webhost account, however, I’m having difficulty connecting it to my domain i have changed the name servers as directed but the domain still says “Your domain is active and is using Hostinger nameservers. Take the recommended steps below to continue your journey with Hostinger.” but i have changed the name servers

HELP please

You failed to include any url’s for me to help you

DNS takes time it is not instant

Hi, sorry about that.site is thomasbrears. and the domain i am trying to use is www.a1webdevelopmentnz.com
i have tryed to link, unlink and triple cheaked i have the correct name servers and they are. it is also showing as parked in 000 webhost but the link still says otherise, maybe it is just a time thing, but ill have a look in the next 48 hours? and if not ill reply on this.
thank you

Seems you’ve resolved this on your own as it works fine my end of the world :slight_smile:

Custom domain

Free subdomain

DNS result = OK

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