Unable to login chris


Hi guys. I cannot logging the website to make modification. I logging, then it shows fig 1 when I try to use FB, because it asked me to use FB. you guys sent me a link, the fig 2 is the message I get when I try to reset. (_ unlinked FB. Please help, I want URGENTLY to remove a photo from my website.

Website www.planetnews.ga PLEASE UNLINK MY FACE BOOK ASAP. I NEED TO REMOVE A PICTURE FROM MY WEBSITE. IF YOU GUYS ARE NOT ABLE TO FRICKING GIVE ME ACCES’ I RAW THE HAVE THE WEBSITE DELETED. PLS ADVISE. IF I DO NOT GET SUPPORT WITHIN 24-48 hours I will be force to take legal action to have this page removed from your server. Thank you.

A new issue start to show on my site

Have you resolved this?

I can’t find http://planetnews.ga/ hosted here?

Can you provide your 000webhostapp URL or email address linked to your account if any?


You would have quicker response in future by posting your own separate topic thread which I’ve now done for you instead of posting in an existing topic by another user with a completely different topic…


Thank you, I appreciate that.


Is your issue resolved?


So sorry. my mistake. please dismiss my case!