Unable to login, something happened


I have no time left today to do any user interactions may another member can assist, apologies.


Ok sir. Thank u very much.


Please anybody look at my website, still its not clear.


Hi @Dilip619!

Please log out, clear your browser cache, log back in, and try again.


Yes I did it exactly many times but no use. Again now, No working.



I have checked your site. I don’t know what to say, I can’t find anything unusual…

Plugins located in default Wordpress plugins folder are loading ok. If the issue still persists on your side I suggest you to access Wordpress cPanel on a desktop. Maybe mobile interface interferes? :confused:

Your Wordpress cPanel credentials are now:

Username: admin
Password: mynameis1234


Yes sir plugins is working good everything is OK I can login but looking of my website is not same as old. The theam is not looking this. I tried several teams still The website stuck with this looks like a damaged website. What to do now.


Yes sir plugins is working good everything is OK I can login but looking of my website is not same as old.

What’s missing from it? Posts, interface, plugins?..


Interface. My home page damaged. Home page is looking like this

but if I open any post then it is working good. I don’t know what’s the problem. Could u please fix it.


Tried a fresh install of WP?


No, I maintain in phone only.


You should’ve changed the website address from Wordpress cPanel > Settings. I did it for you.

Please clear your browser cache and try again.


Yes tried sir, earlier only home page is damaged. Now all pages damaged. Now same interface entire website.


Try a fresh install and it should look better.


How to install in the phone sir.


000webhost.com > reset site (this deletes all data) > autoinstaller WordPress > sorted.


Have to back up the data right.


You don’t necessarily have to recreate your site. It’s simply messed up because of URLs and redirects misconception which do not work the way they supposed to with Cloudflare.

Question: did you setup any redirects to HTTPS from Cloudflare cPanel? If yes, which ones?


I don’t know redirects all that things. I don’t done anything in cloud flare.