Unable to login to 000webhost.com (January 2019) Issue Reported


Uppps… App Error!

plz can you help us out with this.


Not able to login into my account.


Any information to help us help you???


EmailID : pjk096@gmail.com
Parked Domains : elfaro.gq and elfaro.ga


Sorry for late reply.


I see no attempts to login since 13th

Head to 000webhost.com and login, if you face issues screenshot and post here.



I have used it yesterday.


i am not able to access the login page.


me too same issue not able to access the login page or another page


Error already available for my account.


Just to say I’m getting the same error as joy96 - same screen.


Thanks for the screenshot, I’ve notified developers of the issue as they are the only ones who can resolve this currently.


Thank you very much!!.

pinned #15


Developers are aware @marifhidayat098


Is it possible that this Login server issue is related to the ftp_put() one? Im in need to update my files in File Manager. Thank you for your work.