Unable to Login to PhpMyadmin

Unable to login to my database Error
#1045 - Access denied for user @‘localhost’ (using password: YES)
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Is this trying to login to phpMyAdmin or is this running a script?

I’m having the same issue. I’m trying to login at: databases.000webhost.com

I know it sounds basic but reset your password for the database, log out of 000webhost control panel then clear your browser data/history/cache etc, log back into control panel then manage the database using the new password?

I’ve created a database on November 18 and never was able to login, getting the same error Message.
Password changing and browser cache clearing didn’t help.

I am having the same issue. Getting the error message:
#1045 - ProxySQL Error: Access denied for user ‘id194598_jasonick’@‘2a02:4780:bad:c0de::15’ (using password: YES)
when trying to log into PhpMyadmin at https://databases.000webhost.com/index.php.

Has anyone figured this issue out?


Dear James, noted & did as suggested but nothing seems to work. Still unable to login. As you can see do many people reporting same issue so could you pls look into matter on immediate basis.

James, not running any script its proper PhpMyAdmin login which is giving error.

As a forum member and fellow free hosting website user I have made a new account and tested phpMyAdmin thoroughly but see no problems my end, have you tried another browser as crazy as that sounds?

Anyone having issues try and create a new database and try again?

Yes, I deleted and then recreated the database, and tried to open it at all my browsers, with no success…
The error messages #1045 still persist…

Can you create a database called olha123 and password olha123 and tell me when you have?

I created. (My account’s username was added to the database name as a prefix automatically).
It shows error #1045 as well…

What is the full username now please?

Username: a4189924
Database name: a4189924_olha123

Dear James,

It comes back to same thing & error 1045 is persistent. Myself also having same issue can’t login to Myphpadmin. What’s the actual root cause as such what you are recommending we are trying but it seems there is system issue as so many of users are getting same error & unable to login. Awaiting solution

Can anyone having the issue create a brand new database called something like random123 and password random123 and post it up with full username so I can try to replicate the issue, I have tried researching this issue but there really isn’t much information on WHY it happens or WHAT is causing it unless anyone can enlighten me.

Similar issue, user generated new database/user/password and I logged in fine, then the user was able to login fine - very odd.

Oh can you guys tell me what panel you are using as well!!

I have the old CPanel version.
Still unable to login…

Okay and your site is active and loading on the web I take it?
What is the password to that new database please?

The HTML site is running,
the password to the testing database is olha123