Unable to Point Domain


I’m trying to get my website up and running with the Cloudflare SSL, and I’ve followed the video guide here. I’ve done everything it asked.

I’ve pointed my nameservers from freenom to the cloudflare ones given to me.
I’ve added the @ and www versions of my website to the cloudflare DNS.
The Flexible SSL says it’s an “Active Certificate”.
I turned the clouds to orange from gray.

In my cPanel on 000WebHost, it shows my website parked, with the “www” as a subdomain. When I try to “Add Domain” to point to my webhost website, I get the following error:

“Domain mysite(dot)tk CNAME must be pointed to mysite(dot)000webhostap(dot).com”

Sorry about that - limited to one link because I’m new.

I don’t understand why it’s saying this? It worked so simply in the video? Help :frowning:


You have to turn off the orange ssl cloud before pointing. after, turn it back on. :wink:



It says it was added successfully, thought I don’t see any changes to the list of Domains in my cPanel. I don’t see the ones linked from Cloudflare. Is that normal?



In your account, it shows the domain. You can now turn on the orange cloud again. :wink:


Thank you for your help!