Unable to POST new data using POST method


I am able to send data using curl; however, when sending new data from my project code to website it fails. The POST method has been working until the last few days.There is a html page encoded in my serial monitor:




Verified sending valid data. HTTP error code returned is 410.



@lucid Error 410 means the link is completely gone/deleted.
What is your website url?




can you try again now?


Still not accepting new data; here is screen capture:

First two GET requests are requests for local web server and unrelated to POST method; still returning 410.



if it is completely gone; why can I bring up all the pages of the website?

Just checked again; same result, 410.



the website work fine for me with no errors


Problem is I send data by the POST method; php file receives the POST data and builds the Observations.html page every 15 minutes. php file is not receiving the new data updates. Data is being sent; just not received!

This has worked since Feb. of this year! Part of the message that is echoed back I see https://www.google-analytics.com/analytics.js list in echoed back info.



Can you try it with POSTMAN?


I am not familiar with POSTMAN. I have been successful with Curl. Article that describes what I have been doing with the POST method: POST method used This method is only working with curl. Again, my php code has previously been working since Feb. 2018.

Could it be a new security setting, as explained in the linked article?



Have downloaded POSTMAN. How do I create a POST request? Never used POSTMAN.



How to Use Postman to Manage and Execute Your APIs


Why re-invent the wheel. This project was working; should work as there have been no changes to the string that gets sent,

This is the curl result:

Curl data in this screen capture is what is currently time stamped 04/13/2018, 02:19:38. Data on Observations web page is NOT from what was uploaded from the ESP8266; it would have been time stamped 04/13/2018 02:15:03, happens every 15 minute interval from the top of the hour.


Problem was cause by copying an old version of my project that did not have the correct destination path, Project was sending to:website/BME280/php instead of website/php file.

My apologies for not finding this before turning to the forum; then finding the cause, was my coding of the destination path!.

Will mark this up as a learning experience.

Website is working correctly.