Unable to restore my site - misterriddle

My site was archived. I have clicked to restore and it appears “functionable” … but it doens’t work . Zyro says that I have no site.


misterriddle is an active website on our free hosting.
You can manage this from our panel.

Zyro.com is completely different other hosting

Old free website builder on our panel has been discontinued

If you are still having problems attach screenshots for us to assist you

It’s the only thing we can see on my website


Correct that is your website.
You can login to our panel and use file manager to edit any website files.

My site isn’t only a button “submit”. All has been erased. Can you restore it as it was before ?

Making further checks I can see someone has installed WordPress on top of your website, hence the reason it is messed up, we would not install WordPress - so it would be you or anyone with access to your email/password…
I’ve replaced index.php and .htaccess file with the default old retired Zyro files.