Unable to restore webiste

Due to low activity my website got archived a few days ago, which I was notified about via email.
I clicked “Restore” on “My sites” page, as was requested, but nothing happens, it stays archived?
Waiting for a whole day didn’t help, I clicked restore several times, but no results.
Could you help me, thanks?
The website is ogledalotest.000webhostapp.com , my account is casopis.ogledalo@gmail.com

Best regards,
Luka Tilinger

Queued to restore within 24 hours, if no action after this time it will indicate there is no data and the most we can do is delete the URL instead.

It didn’t restore. How and why did this happen? It really makes the service completely unreliable, even for a free one, now that I am going to launch the product I’ve been working on, I need to rebuild this web part.

Users are responsible for regular backups and maintaining activity within 000webhost.com control panel at least once per month to avoid inactive user deletion/archiving.
Feel free to create a new 000webhostapp URL using alternative naming or use alternative hosting.