Unable to run mybb on 000webhost


Hi,i cant run Mybb on the host,when i uploaded my files on it , then i chmod inc/config.php , inc/setting.php etc as its reuqested,its showed me an error that unable to write on this files when i tried to install mybb,so whats the solution now please its urgent,help me


Try changing their permisions to 777


Umm sorry… 644


Don’t chmod follow the tutorial under the tutorials category


Hi,i changed but the error is same,i tried it in my localhost,but it seems 000webhost issue,im not sure :frowning:


i cant find it,will you please login to my host and run it for me?i cant install mybb on my host,i changed the permission to 666,777,even 644 but its the same…


So what happens when you follow the tutorial on how to install MyBB?


i get this error https://avacs4all.000webhostapp.com/mybb/Upload/ , changing permission or not,its the same,it works on my local host wampp but when i try on 000webhost its fail




Extract that, run installer?

Else change PHP via general settings @ 000webhost.com to 5.5


didnt work,pls if i give you my host login information will u run it for me?


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@aqilhex Follow this tutorial to install.