Unable to view website


“Unfortunately the reason the site’s stopped working has nothing to do with
[company who maintains register of domain names]. We only have the domain registered on your behalf. For more
information on what’s happened to the website, you’ll need to get in touch
with your hosting providers. The domain is registered and live so there are
no issues on this end.”

This is the message Im getting from the company I have registered my domain name with Unfortunately my knowledge on these matters is limited. Would anybody from webhost be able to help? My wesbite name is www.top-editing.com

Thank you in advance.


@marcyb Your domain is not parked
I see no 000webhost nameservers on your domain dns.

Update 000webhost nameservers on your domain dns, then park your domain…upload content and go live :slight_smile:

If you updated 000webhost nameservers on your domain dns…Then post screenshot of your domain dns panel, where you’ve updated 000webhost nameservers .