Understanding monthly visits

My website
was put to sleep because I exceeded the daily allowed limit
So I want to ask about upgrading because in the upgrading plan they have a feature which is 25,000 visits monthly. Does it mean if before a month I exceeded 25,000 visits then my website will be suspended or put to sleep just like 000webhost or am able to exceed 25,000 monthly visits without repercussions.


If the limit is 25,000 on a premium hosting package, you will be contacted whenever you reach the limits so you can fix this (by either changing plans or reducing traffic). You will not be directly suspended like on the free plan.

For presales questions you will get fast and up to date information directly from Hostinger easily.

But that also means that my website can still be stopped in a way it will affect my users

I honestly can’t comment on Hostinger services, while I use premium service myself I’ve got a few websites hosted and never have exceeded the quotas/limits so I can’t tell you what happens once you reach the limit.
I have never seen a suspended page on a Hostinger website, so my understanding would be you’ll be emailed and mentioned you’ve exceeding limits and to maintain performance it would be a good idea to increase quotas/upgrade. Only guessing though, please contact Hostinger directly for the fastest and accurate information.

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