Unity3d connection occasionally breaks


Hi. I’ve been using your free service for awhile now to create a database for my game using Unity3d. It usually works really fast, but every once in awhile for an hour or so it won’t make a connection and it doesn’t throw back any errors. It’s not in the sleep period either. It’s not constant and I’m not changing things with the code so it seems like something is wrong on the server side so I’m having trouble figuring it out. Any ideas of how I can figure it out?



Hi @modestfool

We are having some issues with 000webhost. Probably, it throws 502 errors randomly. Our developers are working to solve it out. Please keep patience :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Supun. It’s back to working again, but iIt happens quite a bit with me (maybe once a week?) and that won’t fly with my future development. Can you tell me if it will continue to happen if I upgrade my service? I was planning to upgrade anyways to hostinger or whatever it’s called, but if it happens with upgraded service as well I will have to find another host.


faced with the same problem, I hope it will soon be eliminated