Unpark domain alredy in use


I need to unpark the domain motoboyjoinville.com.br that was in use (but still deleted) in another account.
I´m trying to park at correctly account (actual), but it isn´t possible.
In another post I read that an administrator unpark manually the domain… is it the case?
How can i get some help?



Please give me the old and the new email so I can transfer the domain.


atendimento@motoboyblumenau.com.br - i still use this account to another domain (motoboyblumenau.com.br)
motoboyjoinville@outlook.com - i want to use the domain motoboyjoinville.com.br in this account
thanks for help


motoboyjoinville.com.br is not associated to any account.


It was parked at atendimento@motoboyblumenau.com.br, but still deleted…

When I try to park it again, but in another account (motoboyjoinville@outlook.com), it shows me a message that THIS DOMAIN ALREDY IN USE.

I need some administrator to UNPARK it…

Thanks the help



Hi @motoboyjoinville!

We can’t unpark your domain by ourselves because we don’t have physical access to the servers.

  1. What is the password from atendimento@motoboyblumenau.com.br account?
  2. What is the password from motoboyjoinville@outlook.com account?


Thanks guys… but it isn´t necessary anymore!
I have park and unpark again in the old account and it works to park at actual account.
Thaks the help


You’re welcome :blush: