Unpark website http://deshuttles.000webhostapp.com/


Could you please unpark the domain on http://deshuttles.000webhostapp.com/?

My website was deleted. I didn’t went to 000webhost for 3 months.
I already created a new website but I can’t park my domain because it’s already parked.



Once deleted, subdomains cannot be used again.
Use alternative free subdomain naming please.

Im not totally following. I paid for a domain name (.be site) and now i can’t park it again?

You deleted the site.
So there was no way for me to unpark it.

Cant you unpark it? So i can park it to the new free subdomain I created already.

I have the website which is hosted here. I just want to redirect my visitors so the site is found with the paid.be domain name.

Isn’t this possible?


You asked

Unpark website http://deshuttles.000webhostapp.com

Free subdomains can’t be reused.

Your own custom domain I can sure look into if you provide the domain…?


Thanks in advance.

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It says it has unparked successfully, let me know? :slight_smile:

I was able to park it to the new subdomain.


Glad to hear!
Apologies for confusion and the wait.