Unstable Migration Issues - Sometimes shows "migration page" and actual website


I am having trouble with my site www.flicc-japan.com.

I have backed up my website and migrated to the new cPanel. The ns servers were pointing to NS01.000webhost.com and NS02.000webhost.com and was able to park my domain. Sadly, I still saw the “Since May 1, 2017 your website should be switched to new members area. If you still need your website follow instructions below.”, so I’ve re-updated my ns server and clear my cache on my browser/flushed my DNS with still no luck…but suddenly I was able to view my website. The problem is that I am seeing the “migration page” again and the actual website - on and off. Is this a dns issue or a web server issue? Thank you in advance.


@fliccjapan Your website is working fine on my end. :slight_smile:

Try this tutorial, this will help solved your problem.


It seems to be running and stable for now…Thank you for checking!