Upgrade ammaraslam10


Why are my domains still showing
"Since May 1, 2017 your website should be switched to new members area.
If you still need your website follow instructions below."
I have already upgraded. Also one of my sites is completely refusing to connect even with the subdomain “000webhostapp.com” help.


So what are your websites please?





Your other site is hitting a 500 error, can you delete the .htaccess file from public_html to see if this resolves the issue.


If the migration page still appears for you - CLEAR YOUR BROWSER DATA, CACHE, COOKIES - everything.

Else follow this

or this


I deleted .htaccess but mp3anime still doesn’t seem to work


What have you uploaded to it?


I just checked, all files except index.php are working, I duplocated index.php to index2.php but the problem seems to be in the code. Its just regular php code


Feel free to post it here within [code] tags followed by [/code


Wait. is it using php 7?
I pinpointed the error to mysql_connect();


Yes! :smiley:
Hit general settings under 000webhost.com and use PHP version selector to go back to the PHP version you used before :1234:


Thank you so much. it worked!


Sweet! Anymore issues get back in touch and we’ll do our best to resolve them!