Upgrade php 5.2.X to 5.3.X


Uhh, that screenshot isn’t from 000Webhost.


Yeah, you posted while I was posting, the screenshot was for Dav999
People have been posting for atleast 3 years now telling 000webhost to update their adverts - waste of time, they don’t listen.


I run a couple phpbb boards using the free hosting and when I upgraded to their latest stable release I now am getting a message about the next version will not be supported on the hosting here due to it needed the current release of php.

Can we expect the php on 000webhost to be updated to the latest or is this something that will not be happening?


Not likely… but why make a new topic when we have this?


000webhost seriously needs to update their php version. phpBB 3.1.x requires PHP 5.3.x and people won’t be using this host to create 3.1 boards since it won’t be possible. Other free hosts like x10hosting upgrades their PHP versions for free accounts, why not 000webhost?

I’m also using x10hosting but it has a limit on how many sites I can create and that’s one advantage to 000webhost - I can basically create as many sites as I want. That’s why I stick with 000webhost as a secondary host.


I switched to x10hosting a while ago, and I’m staying. All of their software is up-to-date, their downtime is minimal, and they don’t advertise on your site at all. The only downside is the subdomain limits.

Also, I have reported 000Webhost to the BBB and they didn’t respond, so their rating is now an F on BBB’s website. Whoever is in charge of those complaints, get your act together.


Well 000webhost.com, your hosting is prefered by many people because it offers many nice free features. One of them is PHP. BUT the PHP version installed on your server is 5.2.17. Nowadays at least PHP 5.3 is required to run secure website with a lot of new features. SO, most open-source web softwares (such as phpBB3 and MediaWiki) NO LONGER support PHP version 5.2.17. Their minimum is 5.3. PLEASE for the good of all your customers UPDATE PHP!!! :mad:
If my entire website wasn’t based off on PHP, but simple, static HTML I (and many others before me) would not suggest this change.


I don’t know how many times it has been said already:
There are no current plans on updating the old servers as far as PHP is concerned.


Understood. As far as I know, there are no major impact on upgrading to 5.4 anyways.


I know it is hard to update PHP, but the newest version is 5.5, and 5.6’s preview is out. Shouldn’t we think about it?


The auto installer has not worked more than a year, it has not worked since 2009 and all the years the advertising has still been there!!!


I wouldn’t upgrade yet. Just my opinion, a new PHP version always have new issues on it.


Newest could have issues, but 5.4 or 5.5 should be fine.


Sometime ago I received a message saying that PhP version 5.4.* on premium Hosting Partner has arrived. I wonder if there are any similar plans to upgrade PhP on free versions as well? Currently it is at 5.2.17 but most CMS these days require 5.3.10++ Why not upgrade everything to 5.4.31 - the current version in 5.4.x branch?

What is so difficult to upgrade the free ones so that people can try the latest (and perhaps the best) CMS packages before upgrading to the premium service.

I wanted to try Joomla version 3.3.3 but I can’t on this host so I went to Hostinger to get this.

It is time to change the strategy on running this free service otherwise people will start moving somewhere else.


Just wondering if todays announcement by the PhP guys has any bearings on whether to continue providing php on free hostings especially when we are still on 5.2.x. The announce is here:


It says:

The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 5.3.29. This release marks the end of life of the PHP 5.3 series. Future releases of this series are not planned. All PHP 5.3 users are encouraged to upgrade to the current stable version of PHP 5.5 or previous stable version of PHP 5.4, which are supported till at least 2016 and 2015 respectively.

PHP 5.3.29 contains about 25 potentially security related fixes backported from PHP 5.4 and 5.5.

For source downloads of PHP 5.3.29, please visit our downloads page. Windows binaries can be found on windows.php.net/download/. The list of changes is recorded in the ChangeLog.

For helping your migration to newer versions please refer to our migration guides for updates from PHP 5.3 to 5.4 and from PHP 5.4 to 5.5.

Perhaps it is time to either upgrade the PhP or remove it completely so that people don’t use old, unsupported/insecure PhP on these free webhost to cause irreparabl;e damage to other users and to the reputation of 000webhost. Using old insecure PhP on these free hosting is not a good idea IMHO.


Any news on upgrading free account to PHP 5.3 or higher?


Nop!!! I think this free service is now on life support. It could die any day.

There is also Hostinger part of 000webhost that has latest php. I have got a Joomla site with them but it is a bit slow.


Do you mean the free servers are old and will crash any time and will never be allowed to be repaired, upgraded and used again? That would be horrible :frowning:


I am simply saying that the free portal is never upgraded for new secure software like php, mysql or CMS packages like Joomla 3.3.X or 3.4.x.

I guess 000webhost became so popular that the owners can no longer afford to support it without enough advertisement revenues.

Like all free stuff, there comes a time when it becomes unsustainable.


Seriously 000webhost needs to upgrade their php version soon. I just joined to host my website after my old host let me down, but just tried to create a website with Joomla and that says it needs at least 5.3.10 or higher, also looked at Drupal 7 needs 5.4, and Drupal 8 needs 5.5.

Running older versions of software like PHP can be a security risk, so unfortunately I’m going to have to start looking elsewhere for someone to host my site.