Upgrade to premium consequences?


I would like upgrade to premium hosting but i would like know if with upgrade i will lose settings, files and configuration of my free website?

or it’s just the domain name who will change?



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FAQ on upgrading

Do I have to move my data myself?

No! 000webhost users can have their data transferred for free by Hostinger staff via the LIVE CHAT! Simply checkout, use the live chat bottom right and provide your 000WEBHOSTAPP to the agent, they’ll do all the work and get back to you in a few hours after they’ve finished.

Should I close my 000webhost account?

Once you’ve migrated your website fully to Hostinger it would likely be a good idea to close your 000webhost account and avoid any more suspension emails, information and general email updates that will no longer appeal to you after upgrading.

Do you have a control panel demo?

Yes! The demo can be launched here. It should load the full Hostinger control panel for shared hosting - this would be the Single Plan / Premium Plan / Business Plan - if you wanted a demo of a VPS or any other products Hostinger offers then just contact the sales team here

What Plan is for me?

If you are a general website owner and only need the space for one website - the Single Plan would be more than enough for you - it provides the full control panel experience, all the features required to run a website and more. If you wanted to host more than one website then you would need the middle Premium plan this will comfortably host up to 100 websites without any issues - if you are looking to host more than 100 websites the Business plan likely would be the one for you. If you are wanting to run your own hosting business for friends/family/clients and you are tech savvy it might be more affordable to grab a VPS and really take control of your web presence. If you are still unsure of what plan to go for the team are always on hand to answer your questions here.

More information

What is DNS propagation and why does it take so long?

‘DNS propagation’ is a term used to describe the time frame after making any changes to your domain name. Changes to the DNS records or name servers of your domain. Every time you use a domain name on your computer its DNS information will be stored in cache. This can be local cache on your computer’s operating system, DNS cache stored by your Internet service provider, etc. DNS records are stored in cache mainly to improve performance of DNS queries. Every DNS record has a Time to Live (TTL) value, which is the time DNS servers should store that record in cache. Even if a record is changed, DNS servers will continue working with its formal value from cache until this time has passed. This is the essence of DNS propagation - it is the time required for DNS servers worldwide to update their cached information for a domain name. It is influenced by the TTL of DNS records that might have changed, but there are also other factors that could come into play. A DNS change requires up to 72 hours to propagate worldwide, although most often this happens in a matter of hours. Flushing your own local DNS cache can help speed up the process. See the 000webhost Forum for a tutorial here**

Can I keep my files on 000webhost?

No! It would be in your best interest to use the free migration to Hostinger at once to avoid all free plan limitations - once your data is transferred to Hostinger you can forget about 000webhost and all the limitations that the free learning platform has. Please use the live chat on your new control panel at Hostinger within 7 days to migrate your data for free

Do I login to 000webhost anymore?

No! It would be advisable to directly login to Hostinger via their control panel https://cpanel.hostinger.com and use Hostinger from now on, if you continue to use 000webhost you will still face limitations! :frowning:

Do I keep my 000webhost URL?

No! :slight_smile: Thankfully when you upgrade to Hostinger most of the plans come with a free custom domain that you pick upon signup, see the live chat agent for more information. You CANNOT transfer your 000WEBHOSTAPP URL or old panel subdomain i.e. yoursite.site44.net to Hostinger, these old subdomains are likely to be removed from service so it would be in your best interest to use a custom domain or the domain supplied by Hostinger to avoid disappointment. You should now use your Hostinger URL to avoid all limitations of 000webhost and make the best of your premium package! The free system URL will be removed/deleted after a period of inactivity or if it faces future suspensions it will be deleted also.

000webhostapp URL redirection

While we can understand visitors might still be clicking upon your old 000webhostapp or old panel subdomain, it is in your best interest to provide your new custom domain or Hostinger supplied address to visitors, this will avoid all limitations of 000webhost and you can host your site on Hostinger with no limits! The 000webhostapp URL can be redirected for a short period of time, but if your free URL is still exceeding the free daily user limit it will be suspended and deleted after a period of time. Make sure to give your Hostinger URL out to all your visitors and if you have created any applications, software or similar that use your 000webhostapp URL - you will need to update it - we cannot “whitelist” your old URL, it cannot be transferred to Hostinger. The system doesn’t have a feature that can make this a possibility either.