Upgrade to PRO Payment not effected


Hello Sir,
We made payment via bitcoin to Upgrade to PRO but when i login on to the 000webhostapp it still says upgrade to PRO.Could you please advise why as have already design or built the site and want to register the domain and host.

Please the link for the screen shot is below for view. after paying yesterday by bitcoin i think we should be able to register domain and get the web online live for public viewing.




Just login here


hello there,
After paying by bitcoin to upgrade to PRO , i used my 000webhost username and password to sign in but login failed, please advise what to do to register our domain for the hosting.



Hmmm, did can you try using google login option?


Hi @remarghana!

After upgrading to paid plan you should contact Hostinger Support and ask them to move your site to the new servers.


Log into your account with hostinger.com/cpanel-login using your credentials.

Then they will ask you to setup your hosting package once you logged in. There is a option “Import From 000webhost”. Click it and continue :smile:

If yiu have already set up your hoating package and didnt import your 000webhost site you must contact live chat or kindly send a email to support@hostinger.com


when i was making the payment to upgrade to PRO i was redirected from 000webhost to hostinger and the email used for the bitcoin payment is gjj77gvs@gmail.com is the bitcoin email account but my email account on 000webhost is different, so not signed up with hostinger but made payment of about 76$. Please kindly resolve this issue so that i can register the domain for hosting.


Hi Supun,

I’ve clicked Import from 000webhost. How long roughly it’ll get transferred over?



Not sure about it. I’ll ask our developers and tell you. Or you can contact hostinger support


Can you explain your problem more?


Hi Sir,

I have free account with 000webhost and have paid to upgrade to PRO but in the process of my upgrading 000webhost redirected me to Hostinger for package and payment. I used the bitcoin payment option and had to give an google email address that is for the bitcoin wallet on hostinger when making the purchase. I was told already by support2 that the host is active and have given them a domain name to register and the 000webhost link to import the site to their server. But its been couple of hours now since yesterday and not hearing from the support yet just for an update.


Can you log into your hostinger account? Do you have one?


I did not sign up with Hostinger but it was possible to sign into hostinger using the gmail account i used for the payment. but when i tried registering a domain in the hostinger the page took me to payment page again which i already paid 75$ for PRO


Please hit the dragon icon, and contact their support :slight_smile:


please where can i find the dragon icon ,and already i was contacted by the support yesterday when they asked me to provide the domain name i want to register and the 000webhost link to import for me but after sending them those details i am yet to hear from them since yesterday.


Remarghana what domain have you purchased if any?
I’ll try and chase this for you.


Thank you Sir, am yet to register this domain www.rgsocceracademy.org and host and that is why i purchased the Upgrade to PRO ,. hope the issue resolves soon.


How did you buy a domain without having a hostinger account?


Can you confirm the domain please?


No spelling errors or anything there?


yes the domain we intend to register is rgsocceracademy.org , sorry i have replied the answer to you earleir through email. thanks and hope this get ok.


What happens when you login to Hostinger? What active plans do you see?