Upgrading to premium easily


A basic quick overview at how to upgrade your free hosting account to premium!

Hit up this link here to start the upgrade to premium process: http://hostinger.com/special/000webhost

Now onto the selection page choose “Premium” there are other packages available if you so wish to choose.

Now choose how long you’d like to take out the hosting for, the longer the more discount is applied.

Make sure to claim your free domain buy typing in the box and choosing your free address!

Now choose a payment method to pay for the hosting with.

The site may redirect you to PayPal or open a popup to allow you to login to PayPal if you haven’t already done so.

Now logged into PayPal, continue past this stage and confirm the order.

Your hosting account will automatically be setup for you.

If you’d like your data to be migrated for you then you can use the live chat feature or open a support ticket which will quickly be responded to - just submit your 000webhost account details so the migration can take place.

If you’d like to do it yourself it is very easy, while on 000webhost.com export your databases and download all your files.
Backup your website!

Easy backup of your files and then download your MySQL databases if you use any via phpmyadmin under “Manage Database”


Here is a little look at how easy is it to go premium - all of your website data will be migrated from 000webhost for free as well.

Hit up the special offer link: http://hostinger.com/special/000webhost

It may show you the sale page

Select the middle “Premium”

It will be added to your basket

You are able to claim your free domain depending on how many months you choose

Make sure to search and add your free domain

Choose your payment method

It will be activated instantly

Pick your domain options I’ll be using the free domain they’ve just given me

Fill in the WHOIS correctly with your data

Now the easy part you can install WordPress in a click, use the AutoInstaller which offers 100+ scripts at the click of one button, the Zyro Builder or just upload your already made website via File Manager.

Auto Installer available with loads of scripts easily

I’ll click on HESK and install it now.

Wait a few moments and it will be installed, login to the homepage with the details you chose.

FULL DNS Editing! Easily edit your DNS - be in complete control of it unlike 000webhost.com

Full PHP Control

Full CRON Setup - be in complete control of it unlike 000webhost.com

SSH Access! - be in complete control of it unlike 000webhost.com

Custom SSL Installation - be in complete control of it unlike 000webhost.com

MySQL Databases no limits - be in complete control of it unlike 000webhost.com

PHPMyAdmin - be in complete control of it unlike 000webhost.com

RemoteMYSQL! - be in complete control of it unlike 000webhost.com

Directory Protection Advanced - be in complete control of it unlike 000webhost.com

Folder Index Manager - helpful to those who don’t want snoopers

IP Blocking

Hotlink Protection

File Manager 1

File Manager 2

Full Backup Manager

Configure additional FTP access for friends/family

Site Builder

Site Importer

Custom Error Pages

Full Subdomain Control

Parked Domains

Addon Domains

Redirection Wizard

Full Email Creation

RoundCube WebMail

Email Forwarders

Full MX Control

Email Auto Responders

SendMail Control

Catch All - So anyuser@yourdomain.com will go to a specified address.

Full Panel Access

There are also more features available via Hostinger if you want to take another direction with your site such as a server/VPS

If that was something you are interested in…


Backing up your website easily on Premium :slight_smile:

Step one login to http://hostinger.com

Click manage on your site

Type Backups into the search or scroll down to Files and select Backups

You’ll now see a list of previous backups if you’ve taken any

Make sure to download the backups above before generating a new backup

Click on generate new backup

Now you’ll get this message

Simply click yes and proceed

A green message should state it will be done soon.

A simple refresh and your new backup files will have appeared depending on how big your site is it may take a few seconds - minutes.

Click on the download button for each one

They will be downloaded to your PC straight away and quickly

Now you’ve got a full backup of your website including databases on your PC

Simple and easy :slight_smile:
One advantage of Premium :smiley:


How to easily get all of the emails sent to your website in one easy to manage place in seconds using Premium.

Manage your account

Under “Emails”

Click “Catch-all emails”

Select your domain in the drop down list and select an email address to have ALL EMAILS sent to your @domain.com to.

You could have them sent to your webmaster@yoursite.com webmail account

Or you could have ALL EMAILS sent to your @domain.com to your personal GoogleMail


And you will see your new catch all listed below

Another simple, quick and easy feature of Premium :smiley:


Login to http://hostinger.com

Manage your account

Creating as many sub-domains as you want quickly and easily!

Type domains or subdomains

Click on Subdomains and you will see your existing subdomains if any

Type in your desired new subdomain and click create

Simple as that!

Your list of subdomains will appear below as usual.

Another prime, easy to use feature of Premium :smiley:


Use the live chat and submit them your 000webhost.com details and they’ll do all the work for free.

Submit a ticket if you want