Upload 4Mb database



I am moving from a differnt webserver provide and I would like to move a wordpress database. It seems that the limit is fix at 2Mb. Is there a way to upload a larger (4Mb) database?

Thanks for your help


where do you see this limit?


phpMyAdmin > Import tab


Hi @flent!

The size of the database is of 4KB (kilobytes) or 4MB (megabytes)?





the database size is 3.93 MB precisely


Please upload the database somewhere online, send us the link, and we’ll tell you if we can import it.

Usually databases with size of over 2MB have over 5000 write queries which are not allowed on 000webhost unless you upgrade (please read this topic for more information)


How shall I send the link to you?


I have sent you a PM. Send it over PM.


I have sent a message with a download link to the database and some other info. Thanks for your help