Upload multiple files with Smartftp failes


Dear team
Good day
Kindly note that when I try to upload multiple nested files and folders (moodle application), the upload process is stopped (connection lost).
This forces me to be looking at the upload, restart it where it left, and since the structure of moodle is complex, it takes a significant amount of time.
Is there any special configuration that I should use for the smartftp app? Should I use filezilla?
Thanks for your help


Try using FileZilla.
Also, although not recommended, I use the insecure FTP instead of sFTP because it’s faster (in your FileZilla configuration). Give it a try


Have you thought of zipping the items and uploading one large .zip then unzipping on the server?


Thanks again! Yep, it is working now. I think I will have to “retire” smartftp… although it was good long ago, filezilla is better. Yep, I am using the insecure one… it’s faster.
Thanks for all your help!


Well, after trying several times, with different strategies, I was helped by @ckhawand, and I will use Filezilla.

Thanks for your help and support.
Have a great day!

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