Urgent need help with the database


Good afternoon, I had a big problem. I have expired a free expiration date on the site, I want to collect my files, but I do not see my database, what should I do? I need to download my database!


What is your website address?
Users are to keep backups, 000webhost do not keep backups.

But again, provide your site address




What is the issue you are having?



That is fine.
You don’t NEED to upgrade.

Your sites will continue to function with no issues.

It means your have reached 2 websites.

You cannot create anymore websites on that account i.e. newsite.000webhostapp


I have 44 tables, and when I enter, I’m empty, what’s the problem?



Database is currently undergoing maintenance - please try again in a few hours :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! It’s just that I really need the data, I already thought that they were deleted, thank you very much! I will wait!
And if it still does not come back? Or this can not be?


The data is 100% still there I’ll try to notify you when you will be able to access it again or you might find it will let you login later.


Ok, thanks a lot for the help!