URL Issues causing no access to administrator


Hey guys! So I purchased a domain through you guys called the 1rvrforums.com
I added it, parked it and all was going well. I then had an issue where I would connect via 1rvrforums.com/Forums/index.php however after clicking another page it would revert to the old URL


So I went into admin on Simple Machine Forums and changed the Forum URL from that above^ to 1rvrforums.com all was going well. I clicked it however when I went to get back to my website an through the login of the admin, it’s gotten really messy between the URL’s and now I need assistance. I can’t access the admin page or login as the 1rvrforums.com doesn’t register as the old 1stroyalvictoriaregiment.000webhostapp.com I was wondering if any admins are able to pop in, see what’s happening and fix it or give me directions?

Summary: Changed URL manually in SMF leading to me not being able to access admin due to the URL’s changing and recognition of my account on different URLs.

Please help

DNS Error with Website

You typed /Forums you should remove the s


After figuring out what the problem was, you have to change the <a></a>
tags from https://1stroyalvictoriaregiment.000webhostapp.com/Forum/index.php#forum
to http://1rvrforums.com/Forum/index.php#forum
You forgot to change them :wink:


Hi @6467!

Please clear your browser cache, press CTRL+F5 and try again.

Please do reply the results :slight_smile:


Hey thank you for that! How would I go about changing this if you wouldn’t mind informing me? Thank you very much sir


bump, is there anyone there that is able to assist further?


I am trying to find where the page is where I can edit the <a></a> tags but I haven’t found it yet.


Maybe have a look at this thread?


Thanks to everyone! I managed to fix it via SMF main admin in the style templates and by changing database link which changed everything else! Amazing work guys, I got another question that I’ll make a new thread for but thanks everyone!