Use To Resolve Your Website Quicker

Many people aren’t aware of the advantages of using a third-party DNS server to resolve their website, including the speed improvements you can perceive on the client side. Previously, using a third-party DNS server meant you needed to edit your network configuration manually; however, Cloudflare’s DNS service has just released a beta version of their automatic configuration tool. This makes it easier to use the world’s fastest DNS resolver than ever!

To get started, visit


Then, click on the button for your operating system (if it still says “Coming Soon” at the time you visit the page, click it anyway).

This will bring you to a different page, which looks like below:


Click on whichever download corresponds to your operating system, and install according to Cloudflare’s instructions:

That’s it! You now have an ultra-fast DNS resolver working on your side. Test it out by viewing your website, or any other website you know of.