Use FTP client like FileZilla on your Android


Hello everyone today I am going to tell you that how you can get filezilla on your Android and can upload any big files from your sticky phone when you don’t have a pc.

Before proceeding it confirm that your Android version is 4.1+ means jellybean or higher.

Here We Go

  1. We have to download a application named AndFTP.

  2. You can download it directly from here or by going into your play store.

  3. Now open it and tap on + icon as shown in image below.

  4. Now fill your server hostname,type, Port, username,password and enter your directory name in remote directly like /public_html

  5. Finally your server has been installed. Click on icon of your file manager as shown in image below.

  6. Now finally click on save button and it will show you all the files of your website and you can upload files,set permission and can do anything with your files.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial