Use my own domain instead of


how can i use my own domain instead of
help help help


Visit set web address on your control panel.

Various tutorials available on the forum.


ok right away. am going to do it


hi infinity, I tried but still didn’t work. what do I do.? can I have some pictorial on how to do it.


So what website do you own?


I registered a domain at and I want to use that name


What domain name? :dagger:

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I see you have pointed the nameservers correctly.

Now within hit set web address, add domain choose the parked domain option, add your into the box and save.


ok thank you let me try and get back to you.


No worries. :mailbox:


i have done what you said, it says it ready but my own domain doesn’t show still. please help


Click manage then link.


please check for me. this is what it is saying


Click link, then choose :smiley:


ok let me do it and get back to you


please help my customized domain is not showing


Works fine, clear your cache.


Check this tutorial and let me know how it went for you


Hi Infinity. I am pointing with a CNAME to and get the following message:

Website is no longer available

I posted on another thread that mentioned this issue yesterday to find out that the thread was removed or made private.

My login is



Delete your account under general settings and remake it and try adding it again.

Create your own thread hijacking threads results in deletion.