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#1 Sorry can u give me a hand my site is not loading properly again it used to load fine half an hour ago ? I have cleared the cache but cannot flush the dns ipconfig/flush dns im using windows 10 i had a problem posting some pictures


Site loads fine, can I get a screenshot from you?


there is a messege that a databe connection is lost and i cannot make any further posts nevertheless the permalinks are set to default can u please check it ?


gives me http error any time i try to upload any files jpg or anything else



cannot open the site pages as well i quess its a problem with the database cannot see the previous posts


Can you screenshot your plugins?

Can I ask the purpose of your website?


just posting pictures and sometimes other stuff just like a personal blog or sth its not loadfing properly on my end at that time so i cannot post a screenshot of the plugins but it used to work properly with the already installed ones ill post as soon as possible dunno why is not loading properly at all i hosted it almost a year or over a year ago and it used to work how its supposed to be at all times


@torentmaster1 Your code on your site seems to be really big with a lot of plugins - especially your live chat support. The website works fine, although it is taking me about 20 seconds to load. I’d suggest not installing as many plugins and reducing the amount of files you are placing on one page.

Also, look into this article: about how to make your website faster.

Always remember- Most people decide to go to a different site after about 3 seconds of loading time. That will play an important factor in your website’s SEO.


i think the problem still exists whatever the problem actually is

anytime i try to post anything it give a lost connection i cannot see the pages on the menu and the previous posts on the front page can u give me a hand with that ?


Can you post a screenshot of your PLUGINS PAGE




Yep far too many for free platform for it to work correctly, I’d suggest finding alternative hosting if you continue having timeout issues etc.


Could be the other solution

Or just put up with the timeouts/errors etc.