Using a VPN while troubleshooting connection problems

Using a VPN such as the one in this quick tutorial is a useful tool to overcome connection issues which may prevent you from accessing FTP server or even loading your website on our free service.

We understand some ISP(s) as well as some security companies which may provide your computer Antivirus/Firewall/Internet security software have simply blocked our free plan services from being accessed due to the sheer amount of abusive users that also take advantage of our free learning plan.
This includes workplaces, schools and wider shared area networks which you may use to access the internet.

It has also been noted that certain governmental restrictions in place prevent you from accessing our free plan services depending on where in the world you are located.
Turkey is confirmed to have 000webhost on the blocklist so you may face issues accessing any 000webhostapp URL, 000webhost FTP servers and the 000webhost front page / member control panel.

Firstly head over to

Download the latest version of their free VPN tool.

In this short tutorial I will be downloading and installing the full Windows version which I recommend personally.

Once downloaded install it like any other piece of software you would

If you’ve previously used this VPN you can login instead of creating a new account.

Once you’ve logged in select a region to test your connection from instead of your own country.

Once connected your IP should visibly change from what it was before and to a brand new one like so

Now before the VPN was activated you might have been presented with such errors as

Or various other messages where the website you are trying to reach simply times out or spins forever and does not load at all.

Now after enabling the VPN the likelihood is you can now access your 000webhostapp URL, or the file server via FTP which was not working before.

If using a VPN has not resolved your problem you could try using alternative DNS in addition to or without the VPN to see if that cures the problem.

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