Using Cloudflare to point the domain via CNAME fails



I have confirmed that the cname records is already updated in Cloudflare for 24 hours already, and the 000webhost’s “Nothing here” page is displaying (indicating that the cname record is already propagated).

But the problem is, I still cannot add the domain on 000webhost control panel

Please assist me on this matter,

thank you


Chk this tutorial…may be this can help you:


I already followed the tutorial.

Please recheck my problem again

I still cannot add the domain on 000webhost


Let me have a look once at you problem :slight_smile:


How can I do that?

please enlighten me



Can you add the domain for me? -->

I seem cannot pass 000webhost’s strict “check” so I’m now deadlocked before I decide to change to another web hosting.


Sry… is it a free sub domain?

if not…who is your registrar!!!


There are notable issues using third party services such as cloudflare to point nameservers and or CNAME records.

You must visit your domain registrar and point your nameservers on the registrar to and or if using CNAME records you must do this at your registrar and not at any third party services such as Cloudflare.

Once you’ve linked the domain in then you could change it back to Cloudflare or such other services but I wouldn’t recommend it.


Your site is not pointing to 000webhost so 000webhost will not see any records that your site should load here thus why you probably cannot link your domain in your control panel.

No CNAME is showing to 000webhost so you cannot link your domain either.

I’d recommend visiting your registrar and directly pointing your domain then 000webhost systems will see it in a few hours and you’ll be able to link it.