Using Google mail with 000webhost


Okay this is what I know, chanh said:

If this is better than smtp than we should be able to send mail through Google’s server thus eliminating the rules placed on us by the good people at 000webhost. It’s not that I plan on spamming but I would like that my account doesn’t get suspended because my site sent one to many emails.

Please help me figure out how to send emails though Google.


hmmm question. in my google apps dashboard it says that I didn’t configure it correctly, probably because we can’t set the priority. It also says I won’t be able to send or receive emails, although my email works perfectly:p

Is it normal like that? Can I set the priority?

Using the ASPMX3.GOOGLEMAIL.COM. mx record


no not on 000webhost, upgrade to paid host then you might.


So guys, noone did answer this simple question yet -

Will I be able to send e-mails through php mail(), if I switch MX record to external mail provider like Google or something?
Could it be a solution to issue described in this post?


Yup. The whole google apps mail thing works perfectly with my blog:)


Do you have your email being sent through Google Apps? If so, can you please explain how you did this? Without OpenSSL I’m hitting a brick wall and sending emails to my users is pretty mission critical to my next site.


Hi, yes I would also like to know how it is possible to send mail via Google Apps from 000?

I’ve set all of those CNAMEs and MXs and A-Records. What comes next? How do I send an email from my php code through Google Apps? An example, please!


We’ve been discussing this lately all over the forum. A quick search will return just about everything you need to know.


Hi, and thank you for your kind advise to use the search. However, I’ve read about all of those threads and still no luck. So instead of having people to go crazy with all of the threads how about a nice little example in this sticky thread, huh? All I need is 1…n steps which to follow from someone who actually got it working.




Ok, thank you. I had the impression that it would be possible to send via Google Apps WITHOUT upgrading. I thought this whole thread was about it: Using Google mail with 000webhost. But obviously not then. A misleading title I’d say.


Well, not really. The only thing that can’t be done through is sending automated emails. Otherwise you can manage your entire email system through Google, including things like mailing lists, which is exactly what I do.

TBH - if you need to send newsletters, it wouldn’t be much effort to store subscribers in a database table and regularly update a GMail mailing list with any new subscribers and send out a newsletter that way.


Yes, that’s true. But I guess there’s no way then to add some nice layout to the html mail that way.


make be noted that this thread is assuming you are using 000webhost name server not when you are using a-record to point to your site on 000webhost.


This is still not clear. Chanh said to use Google Apps. just use name servers only and do not use an A-record. Then smartit said use the A-record at the original register not the name server and set mx and c-name pointing to Google. Which of these answers are correct? Please tell me if the following is correct. I have a domain hosted by 000webhoast. Part-1: Do I set name servers at original register pointing to 000webhoust and not use an a record at all at Part-2: Then set mx and c-name records at pointing to Google. Part -3: Do I then create the same exact and redundant records at 000webhoast with setting name server and set mx and cnames pointing to Google and then hit the mx tab in the control panel? So and ooowebhoast would not have an a-record. At the moment I can only send mail but I not receive it. Should c-name record at 000webhoast be as follows c-name or calender.mydomin.cocc c-name I am showing the record as it would appear across the three rows of the record field. Domain section, type of record section and lastly the target section. Do I also delete the mail a-record at 000webhoast? as I am not going to be using ooowebhoast server for mail.


if you are using a-record then you are on your own and know what you are doing or use 000webhost name server and follow my FAQ.


There were two ansewrs to the same question. I didn’t know which was correct. I went with the 000hoast name server solution with out the A- record. I set zone records at original register for mx and c-names to go to Google and used name server in stead of A-record. I am totally new to this.


Both answers are correct.

However I found it easier just to change the mx record at ooowebhost control panel, after I set up my google apps account. When u do this google will want you to verify your website via a text string upload. Then you can use outlook or thunderbird for your email.


The Google instructions I read called for a unique c-name file upload. Does a text string work better?


Thank you chanh and directorysnap