Using iCloud+ custom domain email with 000webhost

So sorry to bug everyone again. Hopefully this will be my second and last support question for a looong time.

I was using Apple’s iCloud+ custom email domain email so I can use a domain purchased at NameCheap for emails, and then I created a free account here at 000webhost so you can host my website with that same custom domain. I have the domain working for the website (thanks again!) but iCloud has a lot more domain settings than what I’m seeing in the control panel for 000website, and now I’m confused. I’ve attached a screenshot of what iCloud needs, but 000website doesn’t seem to use TXT or DKIM.

I searched the forum thoroughly and saw that you don’t use TXT records, so does that mean I can no longer use iCloud+ custom domain email for my email service with this custom domain? I saw that you suggested Zoho for third party email, but I would rather stick with iCloud because of its reliability, privacy and security.

Is this possible? Thank you again, your support has been excellent especially for a free service. |

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You could overcome this issue by using CloudFlare.

Your domain at registrar > points to CloudFlare using nameservers > then from CloudFlare you can point CNAMEs to 000webhost for the domain to function with our free plan > additionally you can fully manage your DNS at CloudFlare to create additional TXT / MX records where needed.

000webhost DNS management only provides basic one MX record setup unfortunately.

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If you did want to stay with the free plan and use iCloud+ custom email you would signup to CloudFlare firstly, delete your domain totally from our panel, then follow the tutorial below

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I really would like to stick with the free plan for at least 6 months until I know what I want to do with this domain, so this is very helpful. I already have a Cloudflare account so I’ll take a look at your tutorial and give it a try.

thanks again @Infinity

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