Using ImprovMX with 000webhost & your Freenom domain

So step one get your free custom domain via Freenom - then signup to ImprovMX!

Set your entries over at Freenom

See Setting an MX record at Freenom

You’ll likely see “Waiting for DNS” for a small time until DNS finally updates.


Free active email forwarding which is reliable and fast!

Now you can instantly manage your free email forwarders, ensure the catchall at the top * is setup to a valid email which can receive all the emails that aren’t setup.

You can also setup tons of personalised inboxes for your friends / family and yourself!

Using this option allows you to keep your DNS set to default > Freenom
This allows you to freely manage your DNS at Freenom while keeping URL / Domain Forwarding active and pushing visitors to your 000webhostapp hosted website via your custom URL!