Using Migadu Email Hosting to create and handle domain emails


This is a simple and easy way on how to get email hosting to have someting like

First off, I would like to say I am not affilliated with this email hosting, it is just what I have used for my sites in the past.

This tutorial is also mainly for the users who either would like to spend as little as possible on a website or no money at all. There has already been a tutorial on how to set up a free email hosting with Zoho Mail on the forum, although Zoho doesn’t allow free domains such as .tk, .ga, .ml, .gq, and .cf. The reason that I am posting this topic is to give a suggestion if you have one of those domains or if you would like to try a new email hosting for your domain.

First, if you do not have a free domain, create an account on and follow this tutorial to link it to 000webhost.

Next, visit and click the “Sign Up Free / Manage Email Domains” button in the top right corner:

After, you have registered, make sure to confirm your email by clicking the link that migadu sends to you.
Once you are logged in to your account, click the Add Email Domain button and type your domain into the box.

You should then see this page. Click the green button that says “Choose DNS…”:

If you would just like to enter name servers into Freenom, then choose Migadu Simple DNS otherwise, if you have set up Cloudflare, choose External DNS.

For Migadu Simple DNS, enter the custom nameservers on Freenom, and it should take a while for them to update. Then, you can either use the Webmail on Migadu, or follow the Mail Client instructions to access your email somewhere else.

For External DNS, follow the instructions on Migadu, and create the DNS records under your DNS settings on Cloudflare. Keep in mind, this also may take a while for the DNS records to update.

To add your own custom emails, click on Mailboxes and then Add New Mailbox under your Migadu domain on Migadu.

If you have any other questions about setting up your migadu emails, please comment below and I or someone else can answer them.

Also, keep in mind that if you are sending emails with Migadu email hosting, they will add some text at the bottom of your emails saying something like “Sent with email hosting”. I do not believe Zoho does this, but that is why this is a good option for Freenom domains.