Verification email for my new email

Well, I needed to change my email that is connected to 000webhost…
It said that the verfication link was going to be sended to the new email but when i opened the email, the link was only text…
The only thing i need is the verification link, thats it


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Try changing your region to USA for example and language to English and then save, then try to change your email please :slight_smile:

How do you do that? Can you explain me please?

Pick similar to myself

OMGGG thank you sooo muchhh, but can I change it to my original language and there would be no problem?

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I can see your email is verified, you can change back to your own language/region etc but be aware that future links may not render so you might need to get back in touch if you ever forget your password etc.
Developers are working to resolve the problem so hopefully it will be okay in the future.

Thanks for everything, if there is an actualization, please tell me. =) Have a nice day/night