Verification email problems


I have lost count of the number of times I’ve tried to get you to verify my e-mail so I can transfer my old website. NOW, when I try to go through the process and input my details in the ‘new members area’, it defaults back to the old ‘List Of Your Accounts’ page in an endless loop. So, despite your numerous pleas that the admins have fixed the problem, they’ve clearly done nothing of the sort.


I’ve forwarded your issue to the admins :slight_smile:


which email have you tried verifying? send me PM


Deleting this information.


Check you email with email password reset.
Then follow this tutorial


Now, this is where it all goes wrong. I used Zyro, so I’ve backed up the site and it’s all on the computer. What’s my next step? Where exactly do I find the MOVE ACCOUNT DETAILS PAGE?


To migrate:-
1)You said you have made backup.
2)Now go to this below link,

3)Now when you’ll login you’ll again taken to old panel, but this time you have to delete your old panel in order to login to new panel.

Click your name

It will ask you to delete

Click delete!

Log back into and the new control will now appear for you.
Now upload your backup.
Remember your zyro website will work as a static website.


When I do all that, it tells me You have active accounts. Please delete active accounts to proceed.


Well now I’m right back where I started, waiting for an email verification from you!


We are currently having email verification problems, the admins are aware of this issue and are working on fixing it. :slight_smile:


verification problems are now solved


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