Verified my e-mail by clicking the link, but


… but it’s not changing the email verified status for my new account. :confounded:


Uhh, can you elaborate more? Maybe attach some screenshots?


I created an account yesterday. It let me upload my files, but the confirmation e-mail never arrived, so I deleted the account this morning and created this new one… Same problem… no confirmation e-mail!

So I signed into the forums and it accepted my account and asked me to confirm my e-mail… which I did. I clicking the link and even seemed to recognize my gmail avatar. :slight_smile: and lets me post here…

… but it says it’s still not verified for my site. :cry:

I hope that helps… sorry it only let’s me attach one image…


@_melahi Some time it’s takes time to receive verification mail due to load and queue system . So just try after some time.
Also i’ve passed about this to admin, if there’s any issue…they will solve as soon as possible.

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